So this past Saturday i hosted a baby shower for my SIL Jennifer and her upcoming little bundle, which we are 85% sure is a girl, and that is enough in my mind to throw a girl baby shower. :)

this is her 5th child so the shower is a little unorthodox, but i thought that she deserved some love for this new little bundle.

i tried my very best to make it cute, but simple.

color scheme: orange and pink
drink: orange water and pink lemonade
food: cupcakes, dipped oreos, and cake rounds(chocolate and strawberry)
(i hate saying balls so there are called cake rounds.....)

It wasn't much but it was nice to see my SIL happy & having a good time.  She received a lot of adorable things!
I'll admit i was a little jealous of some of the things she got cause they were just so stinking cute!! :)

We had games, a diaper drawing, & prizes.

I thought i did a pretty good job getting things ready.

A first timer doing planning and making a party happen by myself. it was a lot of work but it was fun. 

The invitation was really fun to make. i made it on Picnik in about 10 minutes, got it printed at Walgreen's and sent them out that same night. It was so much cheaper than going to the store and buying some. I love to save money. 


All in all i thought it was a lot of fun.  It was a bummer that it started raining about 20 minutes before it started and it rained most of the time, but at least it wasn't hot, cause i couldn't turn the fans on because of my streamers. :)

I think I'm going to take a break from the party thing for a while, well at least parties at my house.  

Happy Monday to you all!!

Make it a great week!

Goals for the week:
-wrap all the Christmas presents
-make a skirt
-finish all the laundry
-clean out the storage closet


  1. You left out a goal:

    WRAP Kateri's Christmas Presents.


  2. Wow! Soo cute, you did such a good job (as usual)! Sounds like you had a busy weekend haha!

  3. I love your new blog header title picture thingy. Your youngest daughters face is absolutely amazing! :)

  4. Looks like so much fun! :) I love a good baby shower!


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