weirded out

by the time you have finished reading this post you may be seriously weirded out and consider me a nut case.

oh well.

Here is one of my momma secrets.

So i have terrible, terrible feet.
crap feet seem to run in my family.
oh, i mean cracked feet seem to fun in my family.

i dislike it.

in the winter it gets worse because my skin in sucked dry of any moisture it tries to hold on to.

i've used all sorts of lotion, but i don't want to go out and keep buying all sorts of stuff to see if it would work, when it potentially wont.
i have children, i don't have extra $$ to spend.

so, on to the point.

i was looking in my medicine cabinet and i came across something that i haven't used ever, or at least haven't since i had a baby.


yep that's right folks,
i have no shame. 
i put boob lotion on my feet.
i thought why wouldn't sheep's wool not work for my feet?
i know its just a lotion and can get something like it from other brands, but that fact that it's labeled for boobs just makes it weird and funny. boob. sorry i had to get it out there again.

I put it on at night or in the morning and put socks on after that and it works like a charm!! i just wear the socks for awhile.
it's really sticky so it's a pain to wash off your fingers.
buy hey, i didn't need to go buy special creams/lotions i had it all ready. score.

i'm just trying my best to live the 3 R's
reduce, REUSE, recycle
watch out, i'm going green.

so let the boob feet jokes commence.
wait, there probably aren't any.
 i think i might be on to something!

Officially weirded out?
That's what i thought.

Have a great day!

Sincerely yours,



disclaimer: i don't know if this will work for you as it does for me.
just so we are clear. :) 


  1. Bwa-hahahahaha!

    Oh my.


    (ok I'm done)

    This is hysterical.. but honestly, if it works for you...All the more power to you

  2. You do whatcha gotta do and hatas are gonna hate! lol

  3. Hubby has horrible feet.... he might jump out of bed screaming when I come at him with boob lotion for his feet... however, i would then get the whole bed to myself... seems like a win win! :)

  4. hehehe, she said BOOB! hehehe


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