Ispy with my.....non iphone.

Hello it's Wednesday!

I think everyday should be celebrated, but i decided Wednesday was the day that would get a little extra love. 

What has my phone seen this past week? I shall share!


we are just leaving to go shopping.
the only time i go to the mall is usually during Christmas time.
so i ventured out this past weekend with evelyn.
i ended up at forever 21 to purchse something for a gift exchange and got the cutest robot necklace.
we named it jamm-e, it's wall-e's cousin.
my husband picked this up for me the other night and i have a NEW favorite!
i like diet DP but DP TEN is better.
come on i need a little sugar with my DP.

 basically been sitting on our couch these last few days,
admiring my festive Christmas socks,
cause it's been cold and rainy.

speaking of cold and rainy,
i stepped back in time
to elementary school with this little number.

we woke up to find this,
little mouths decided that this was a good idea.

yes this cute little one was having fun with baby powder.
evelyn was the one that opened it, mia poured and played.
evelyn tried to blame it just on mia. HA!

take any fun phone photos this past week?
do share!!

i love a good story!


  1. DP10 was at first Marketed to be the Diet Soda of MEN.

    Look it up.. I swear, cross my heart and all that.

    But, then, women STILL liked it more.

    DP makes an unhappy face, their marketing blows.


  2. Haha I LOVE all the pics! That's a cute idea!

  3. Oh my gosh! Your girls know what's up. In my house growing up, we would claim the donut we wanted by taking a bite out of it that way no one would eat it. My husband thinks it's so gross when we go to my parents house and there's bitten donuts in boxes... Whatever, It's tradition and even though we're all old, we still do it.


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