Today we are celebrating, and remembering the past 5 years.

On this day on 2006 i was wed to my husband for this life and the eternities.

It was exciting and fun. The planning, the dress, the festivities, but i didn't really care all that much about it.  I've never been one for a big hoopla or being the center of attention, don't get me wrong i love me a good party (and planning for other people, not for me), and the reception seemed to be great, but i just wanted to get married and start my life.

I was looking forward to being a wife, having children, having a little family of my own. It's what i wanted, and it's what i have.

These past five years have given me so many wonderful things, and i hope i was able to return the favor too.

5 reason why i love you:
  •  you always know how to make me laugh.
  •  you tell me everyday that you love me.
  •  you check up on me to see if i'm doing okay.
  •  you listen to what i have to say.
  •  you tell long, complicated stories and i don't think you realize how long they really are. it's cute & i laugh :)

Happy Anniversary Husband!

your wifey


alive....sort of

well, i made it through the weekend, not completely smooth though. wow.(this is a long one....i apologize I'm usually not this wordy)
Lets begin.

Right before bed Friday night Amelia threw up. It was sad :( So we knew that we would be getting up a few times in the middle of the night to help her.  Well little did we know that Amelia would think it would be a good idea to walk on over to Evelyn's bed and throw up on HER! So of course Evelyn and her gag reflexes had to kick in and she got sick too. Ugh.

I didn't get much sleep that night and i had to get up early to go to the store and clean before i left at 11.  Oh boy, so i started the wash, went to the store, got home, cleaned, Chris had to work on the back yard get it cleaned up, then i finally left to my Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary Party.

I love my family. We are a bunch of crazy Crandell's.  I didn't get to stay very long, but it was great to see some cousins, aunts and uncles, that i haven't seen in a long time.  I love it when family's can get together. So FUN.

I left and finally got home around 2ish. immediately started cleaning and getting things ready for a little McClellan family get together that was happening at my house that night.  Party started around 5ish and the house was packed.  i hope everyone had a great time. a lot of yummy food, fun, and just a good time, i think, i was running around, i think i sat down for 5 minutes tops just to eat a few bites of food.

The sad part is i think we got everyone sick.  I disinfected the entire house over and over again, every toy, nook and cranny, just in case my kids had something more than a weak stomach and tiredness, cause sometimes that's all it is, so i wanted to be safe.  I guess i was in the air too much cause almost everyone that went to the party has gotten sick.  I feel like a jerk, UGH!!

But my Sunday that was supposed to be spend recovering was spent in bed all day with a bad case of the flu or something.  Oh my goodness, i haven't been that sick for awhile, i guess it was my time. I'm finally starting to feel better today. Thank goodness, but now my sweet husband who took care of me all day yesterday is in our room laying in bed with the same thing.

Our house is in lock down for the next couple of days. So i will try to recover more today and hopefully all this sickness is behind us, cause Chris and i have a big day coming up this week and we can not be sick! 

We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary Thursday! AHHH!! madness i tell you! :)



well, if i don't survive today i wanted you to know that i love you all. :)
today is a busy busy day. starting off early and ending late.

don't get me wrong i know it's going to be super fun, but just busy, and long, and tiring.  wish me luck!  :)

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Any fun plans??

I'll have plenty to post about on Monday, I'll still be recovering on Sunday, this i know for sure!

have a good one!!

I leave you all with this adorable picture of my nieces, nephews and my children watching Charlie Brown: The Great Pumpkin and snacking on Popsicles!

Puts a big smile on my face every time i look at it!!

 Amelia, Evelyn, Hanna, Brinlee, Rigden, Tillman, Easton & baby Rylee on Amy's lap!
(left to right)


what's in a name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Well today I'm talking names. Today a person i know posted something on FB about names and the meaning behind them.  I don't remember taking the time to ever look up the meaning behind my children's name, till today.

Evelyn Dawn:
meaning-Evelyn: beautiful bird; Dawn: sunrise

Evelyn- We picked the name Evelyn because i really like the name Evie, which i heard from a movie, the main character's name in the movie The Mummy. I found out that Evie was short for Evelyn, and then i was hooked. I love it! So that's how Evelyn got her name.  I picked this name out years before i even had her. :)
Dawn- we couldn't really decide, so i threw out this name.  Its the girl spelling of my dads name (don).  I thought it was perfect.  I really didn't want my girls to have middle names anyway, cause i don't have one, but whatever. it's just a name and she can change it when she gets older.

Amelia Brooke:
meaning- Amelia: to strive, excel or rival; Brooke: small stream

Amelia- Well lets see we didn't really have any other girl names cause well we really wanted a boy(and we have a name for him whenever he does come or if he does).  My mom really wanted my sister to use this name for her daughter, so i knew my mom liked it.  When we found out it was a girl my sister mentioned this name, and i knew that was it!  You know there is also a couple of Amelia movies out there too! :) (just trying to keep the movie tradition alive) Then i remembered that my SIL real name happens to be that too. Yay so its a family name now too!
Brooke-  Again i was set on no middle name but i guess since one had one the other must have one too. Chris was in charge of this one. He just threw out a name and it sounded good. So that's how the middle name Brooke was born.

I thought that both the girls name we old fashioned and i really loved how they sound. And i think they fit together perfectly.

i don't think the meaning should be a determining factor to choosing a name.  you could name you child 'Paper' and they would live whatever life they were going to anyway.

Disclaimer: i wouldn't recommend naming your kid 'Paper'.  I could see come serious personal issues with this one. :)

oh and a side note:  My name (ERICA) means:always ruler.  I always knew i ruled! hahaha.



when is it appropriate for certain things?

like for instance......

a movie. 

The Nightmare before Christmas to be exact.

when is is appropriate to watch this, before Halloween or right before Christmas??

it could be both, but i guess its just how you see it. 

how soon is too soon to start watching Christmas movies?  does it need to be December or can November be okay cause that's when people start things about Christmas? right after thanksgiving? 

I'm not sure why i am even talking about this.  I'm just curious to see what other people do. 

when would you watch that movie?  how soon do you start with your Christmas/holiday movie watching/decorating/planning? 

sorry, I'm just being really random and boring, cause I'm bored out of my mind right now.


the simple things

its the simple things in life that make it great!

like for instance, my christmas present from last year, a new microwave, became a early anniversary present this year! haha. 

my husband finally got around to putting it up! yay!

it's so quiet and fancy. 

i am now aware even more, how dated the rest of our appliances are but thats okay with me.  One down, just a few more to go.

isn't it fancy!?

thank you honey for putting it up and for taking one for the team!

--he sliced is finger open while putting it up, and later on he went to urgent care. he's a trooper! --


here comes the sun.

-i was under the impression that when the sun rose later in the day that my children would be able to sleep in just a tad bit more.  clearly when i dream of small things they are shattered.  I guess it doesn't matter when the sun comes up in this house now. arg.-

early morning rant over.
well its friday folks. you know what that means?!

i haven't the slightest idea.  Anyone have fun plans this weekend?  It's starting to get chilly outside --unless your in utah its a bit more than chilly :)-- any outdoor plans? 

i would like to take the children to a pumpkin patch or something fun like that. maybe Dewitt stables, i've heard that it's a super fun place.

well whatever y'all are doing i hope its a great weekend for you!

oh and head on over to page traveler tales, she is doing a great giveaway that you are not gonna want to miss!!



shoe fly

I've got a couple of little characters.  My little one Amelia is as sweet as can be and has so many wonderful facial expressions, silly dance moves and noises she makes.

One thing that has always been apart of her though is her obsession with shoes.

it has already begun. her avid shoe obsession.  this now 22month old little girl(22month today, just realized as i was typing! yikes!) has a serious problem.

the shoes that she has been wanting to wear all the time lately are her cowgirl boots.  i got them a couple months back from the thrift store ($1.50 people, i was beyond excited!! yes!)

if i don't put her shoes on fast enough she has a complete melt down, the world is ending, kind of meltdown. 

I'm hoping this will pass soon cause i can only take so many meltdowns a day and I'm not a big fan of the show meltdown.

but look at the fun she has with her boots on. she was all tuckered out from riding her horse around the house, good thing it made for a fine sleeping buddy too. :)

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