spoiled much?

so this last week it seems like my husband is spoiling me.

this does not happen like ever, because i don't like it.

my children should be the one to get spoiled, but oh well. he does what he does, and i love him for it.

it's probably because he is making up for the fact that he pissed me off in a dream i had. hahahaha. oh dream hate, gotta love it!

one of the things he got me was a pretty little ring.
let me just start by saying, i have a beautiful wedding ring, that i love.
okay on to the story.

when we were picking rings for our wedding, i told him that i just want a simple eternity band, and i would be okay with no diamonds too. i'm not really into flashy things, or wearing jewelry.

well he showed me what he got and he was so proud of it. he told me (to a certain degree or another, i can't remember exact, it was awhile ago) that he wanted to get me something better, or something, then what i wanted. that i deserved more.
he then realized that i was very serious, and i told him that it was beautiful but not what i wanted, but thank you and i still love it. he didn't forget to mention after his little scolding that it was supposed to be a bigger diamond and he told them to switch it out for a smaller one. i was very grateful for that.

i feel bad but i haven't really let it go for the past 5 years. oops. hahaha. rule numero uno: always listen to your wife/fiancee

i think he finally got annoyed at me bringing it up every once in awhile. so he got me a ring. it's cute, it's simple, it was cheap, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! it's not even real diamonds and i couldn't be happier with it!!!!

i am so happy that my husband finally realized i really don't like the flashy and that i don't need much to make me happy, and i'm serious. i don't think he has believed me about that.

yes my dear husband you are one lucky son-of-a-gun. to find a woman who doesn't care for diamonds of any kind.

love you lots husband. thank you for my new precious.


  1. Girl, I am so your opposite. I have a high grade 1/2 carat and I bug Robert occasionally that it needs to be bigger. Hahaha! But your new ring is beautiful. I love simplicity (my simplicity just includes diamonds).

  2. I love both your rings! Are you going to wear both? or just the new one now?

    p.s. your nails are really cute too, I wish I had the motivation to paint my nails haha.

  3. I LOVE IT!

    I am much the same. I like simple and classic... and I don't need the bling.

    But, it's nice to look at....


    SO COOL!

  4. I think they're both pretty, but neither are my style. I'm glad you got something you love though! what are you going to do with the old one?

    I wanted a trillion cut (triangle diamond) which I got! And I love it. The ring turned out clunkier than we'd hoped, so Brandon's hoping to get another made in the future. we'll have to have a larger income before that can happen though.


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