you can't hide....when worlds colide.

so I've been looking through pictures from the last years and i like to compare.

have you noticed how many times I've compare?
lets just say A LOT!

so i have to know what do you think???

see any difference.

i do, but i can't help but wonder....

1. good lighting
2. good posing
3. good photographer
4. longer hair
5. brown my color not purple
6. all of thee above

I'm gonna be honest those are the same pants in the picture.
i literally only own one pair of jeans. i am not even kidding.
i'm cray cray.

anyway, so i am still the same "size".

maybe it was all the water i drank last year.
 i should probably do that again this year.

more water in 2012!
score!! a slogan for the year.

and this is what happens when you listen to britney, gaga, flo rider, & estelle while you are blogging!! hahaha. best combo in the freakin universe!!

make it an awesome day!


  1. you look fabulous! I Love your hair too!

  2. i think you look happier!! oh and i love your hair long and you have a really fun style!!! wow it really is a difference :)


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