writing utensils, i hate you.

yes, sometimes i just hate pens, crayons, markers, etc. especially if they are decorating my walls. lame times 10.

exhibit A:

pen one of the more difficult things to get off of walls. in my opinon.

i found something the other day that said it would take pen marks off walls.

in the past i used magic erasers. i thought that they were the shiz!

well step a side lame erase, i got a new boo.

exhibit B:

yes that's right i have a strong armed boo. i slapped my self in the face a few times because i can't believe that pinterest, PINTERST, of all places needed to tell me that this would work! sometimes i shame myself.

and yes diet Dr. Pepper is KEY to clean in this household!

all you need is a wet sponge with an abbrasive/mean side, and some baking soda.

exhibit C & D:

to keep from pouring baking soda all over myself, i just dipped it in, eventually the whole thing was dipped.

then you just have at it. you need a good thick amount i think to get it to work really well.

after about 5 mintues this lovely patch of evil was terminated.

exhibit E:

i suggest you wipe it down with a wet cloth to get all the excess baking soda off. but worked like a charm.

i tried in right after on some crayon, easily came off. SCORE!!

hopefully i will be able to keep up with having clean walls with this little cleaning tool. i don't think i'll have any problem as long as i have a diet DP in hand.

thank you stong arm cleaning boo for hammering out my problem.

oh man i just kill myself!!

have a wonderful day and happy weekend of cleaning!!


  1. LOL. I love that. that is so awesome. I thought about painting my kids' whole room in chalkboard paint, so that way i dont have to go through this! :)

    1. I have plans to have a chalkboard wall too, but who knows of that will change much haha kids will be kids! Good luck!!!

  2. No WAY! That's awesome... I have to remember this. We have a hard time with pens on couches though... I've found that Resolve carpet cleaner gets it mostly out.

    1. I will have to try the resolve for my couches too!


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