te te te telephone.

I'm liking the whole phone picks on Wednesday thing.

we'll see if i keep this up...that would be cool. i think.

well enjoy the random. :)

1. my favorite new hair do. i love it!
call me elga. :)

2. my children being their weirdo selves and then asking for me to take a picture of them.

3. my elliptical machine. love this bad boy.
 i haven't figured out a name for it yet.

4.evelyn playing her favorite game on wii. Michael Jackson. ghost of jealousy is her favorite one and she is really good at it.
that's me relaxing on the couch watching her in my new aero comfy sweats my husband got for me. yeah one of the other spoiled things. :)

5.my new favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. plain oatmeal with a little cinnamon, a little bit of brown sugar and sliced apples. yum.

6. i love finding random pictures that evelyn has taken while she is playing with my phone. yeah she thought a picture of her cute little toes was just what i needed. :)

happy wednesday peeps. till next time. :)

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