late, oh well.

now that things are cooled down a bit, i will post some pictures of the big day for my little children.

evelyn loves santa & mia well, she could care less really.

they were so excited with all the things that he brought to our house this year.

1,2 &3
The girls were so excited to open their presents.

i got Anasatia on VHS! Yes! just what i always wanted.
just kidding. chris put some earring in that cause he wanted to through me off if i tried to guess what it was.

we ended up at my parents house at 2:30pm to have breakfast with my aunts, uncles & cousins on my mom's side.
it was the best breakfast ever.
the girls got their gifts from papa and grandma crandell.

nothing better then getting to play with new toys on christmas.

i ended up getting chris something for christmas. cause i knew he got me something, we usually don't get each other things, it's all about the children. however, i got him all 3 matrix movies on blu-ray.  i got a wicked sweet deal on amazon, thanks to Freebies 2 deals for posting about it.

it was a great year. now i'm trying to convince evelyn that we need to take down the christmas tress. not going to well.

oh and i decided to send out a new year card instead of christmas. i like that idea because cause i can never remember to send things out before.


  1. Cute cute cute! Your card is so awesome!

  2. We got the same CLAW game! Santa must have given those to EVERYONE!
    Hot Ticket ITEM!

    I love your Christmas Pic, and you're little ones Penguin PJ's!


    I wanted to express to you have grateful I am for your commentary. I love knowing that others read me and get me.

  3. I like the new year card idea. I might steal that. Your girls are so fun :-) Evelyn was great in primary! You should be proud!

  4. Glad you guys had a good Christmas!! Your card is cute and def up on the fridge (where it will remain all year long haha)


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