the search is on

well, this is our year baby!


this is the year we will finally be getting a second vehicle.  over 3 years with having one car has been long enough. we are going to be buying another car for me, and the kiddos. no we are not going to be going crazy, we are buying used and will not have a payment on this car as well.

live within our means.

i need some suggestions.

we want either....

a mini van or

a suburban, yukon, or something like this.

we keep going back and forth on what we should get, so i'm turning to you.  what would you suggest we get?  those that have these vehicles what do you like about it most?

thanks for your help peeps!!


  1. Mini van all the way for many reasons. Less in gas, better miles per gallon, easier for kids to get in and out of by themselves, drive smoother. If you can afford to get an odyssey I would. They are so nice and hold their value. Ok if you can't tell I wish we still had ours and look at them on craigslist everyday dreaming of when i can get one again.

  2. i agree with kim too:) the van is the ONLY WAY TO GO:) I CAN'T wait until you get a 2nd car:) sweet freedom:)

  3. Yes VAN!

    but i don't know why Kim Willis said van when she has a Tahoe...!!

    Its a shame that vans are ugly... but who the heck cares when they make life so much easier!!! go van or go home! :)

  4. A van... a van! I have one and it works great with little kids ;^)

  5. I vote a Van! Nate votes a tahoe!

    So excited for you :)

  6. I have a Nissan Pathfinder, because hubby REFUSES to drive a mini-van. I LOVE riding up high, the storage room (because I don't need the third row seat for kids), and the towing capabilities (wish I had something of my own to tow). I seriously dislike my kids opening their doors into other cars and the inconvenience of climbing into the third row seat when I do use it (car seats have to be moved). Gas mileage is not too much worse than my mom gets in her same year mini-van. I wouldn't mind a van, but I do LOVE my Pathfinder too...


Thank you for commenting! I love reading every one!

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