what stage?

i went to a baby shower this past weekend.  it was super fun. i love getting together with the girls i grew up with. good times. i did not take any pictures. slacker, right here folks. oops.
well anyway. the first time baby momma (woot!) asked me what stage i like the best.  i said i like the baby stage, from like 3 months on.  The more i think about it i'm not sure what stage i really like.

there are good and bad to each stage.  i'm just not sure which one i've enjoyed most. 

i love babies, they are so cute, smiley, happy, just simple, and they stay put.
but i do like when they learn to get around, watching their face as they discover new and interesting things, and seeing how many times they can get away with something.

the talking stage is a fun one to reach.  finally able to communicate. evelyn took her time to start talking, and mia started talking a little bit sooner (still working on it a bit, but i can understand her for the most part). its fun to watch them put two and two together, follow directions because they understand. pretend to tell jokes the laugh their faces off when they are done, and you laugh with them, just because, then you both are laughing uncontrollably.  good times

i can't wait to find out what happens in the 4 and beyond. i'm a little nervous. :)

i'm just feeling sentimental with evelyn growing up and amelia not being a baby anymore. i've been spending more time just watching.  just been observing them and it amazes me every time how freakin lucky i am to have such cute little ones. They are smart, funny, kind, generous, friendly, and so many other things that i was hoping to see in my own children.  I just hope that i'll be a good enough mom to help them keep those qualities as they grow up.

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