a tip


do you despise it?
cringe at just the mention of it?
want to punch the nearest person because of it?

if you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you are a winner.


seriously though folks.  cleaning had been a sort of battle.  I love having a clean house but i just couldn't make that happen so i would be bitter and upset at the world. i started taking my frustration out of the goodies and treats in the freezer and cupboards. yikes!

angry eating is not my friend.

so I've taken a new approach on the death word....cleaning.

for the past week I've tried something different and it seems to be working for me.

get this...

not caring. :) weeeeee!

now that i don't care as much if the house is a mess, because it always was, it's clean. WHAAAA!!?!

It's cray cray and all forms of it. 

I've realized i don't need a schedule or a list of things to do.  It just takes some patience.  that's it.

i was frustrated before with the fact that i have to clean the same thing multiple times in one day, but now i just leave it, and then when i get around that area I'll clean it up real quick.

again. WHAAA?!?!

So not caring has been my missing link all along!?!?! hahaha.

it feels good not to care, and just get around to it when i do.  Which now i get around to it all the time. 

I don't see it as a chore so much anymore, so i'm okay with it.

I'm not making any sense am i? well in my mixed up head it makes perfect sense.

so what we've learned today...

laziness = clean
clean = meh
meh = happy
happy = clean.



I'm so glad i could help you all with my cleaning tips! Have good one!


  1. Kind of like a "hey that doesn't go there" so you pick it up to put it away on your way by kind of thing? That can work pretty well, cause all of the sudden you realize things are cleaned up and you didn't do anything - when you did - now if the kids would just realize this works then I could probably get around to doing less... or more depending on which side you are looking at.
    Anyone else confused with me? Haha!
    Thanks for the tip!

  2. he he~ i have been in a no cleaning "blah" mood lately. my house is in the crap hole- i will have to try your idea :)

  3. Our bedrooms are like world war 3 haha. Well they are just not as clean as I would like. So I am taking up your method-thanks!


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