playing dress up

asked my children what they would like to be for halloween.

there answers didn't really surpirse me at all.

amelia- she didn't really answer, but she said she wants to be pretty. so i'm thinking some sort of princess. really as long as she is wearing a poofy skirt and her pretty sparkly shoes she will be as happy as a clam. :)

evelyn- this girl is funny. i asked do you want to match your sister and be a princess or ballerina. She laughs and says "no mom, i'm gonna be spongebob!"

yeah. hahahaha this girls just cracks me up!! she is so not girly and i love it!!

reminds me of myself when i was her age. :)

yep i was an army dude sportin a sweet mustache and a quasi-mullet. :)
thank you momma for letting me be me.


  1. that is too funny! have you figured out how you are going to make a sponge bob costume?

  2. haha that's awesome! I know I wanted Rig and Ry to match soo bad, but I would rather Rig be happy and have fun!


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