Are you an idol??

Or the right question would be do you want to be one?? 

Auditions for Blogger Idol 2011 has officially begun!

You're probably asking yourself... why would i want to audition for this??

well thank you for asking! i will gladly tell you why!

Reasons why you should try out for Blogger Idol 2011:

1. The chance to win great prizes.
2. Free exposure for your blog.
3. The chance to 'meet' new people.
4. Networking
5. Get constructive criticism on your blog from respectable members of the blogging community.
6. The chance to stretch your writing skills and become a better blogger.
7. It will be fun!

I am so excited and looking forward to judging! Oh yes thats right i'm a part of the amazing panel of jugdes!

Come on, Audition!! What do you have to lose????


You could be the Blogger Idol!!
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