I've been really into the Beatles lately.  i just started singing yesterday by the Beatles just because i typed it. it is an amazing song, one of my favorites.

so where was i?   oh yes the fun things we did yesterday.

i took my girls to the library, there very first time.  accompanied by my sister and her children, and i brought along my niece too. 

The girls in the back.  I must say that conversations that my daughter and her cousin had while driving to the library were hilarious!  3 year olds are too funny together, and they are basically frienimies.  They love each other but they don't get along very well.
they did make for some super cute back seat cargo.

This one had a fun time running away from me.  She thought it was super funny.  This is her famous cheese smile.  She makes her eyes and mouth open wide. 

To top off all the fun things I'm wanting to do with my girls this week, i have also started painting my kitchen cabinets.  I'm insane right?!  Playing all day and working all night.  I am already giddy with joy how much better my kitchen is looking!!  I can't wait for Chris to get home and see the kitchen!!  haha surprise!  well i did tell him that i was painting but its still a shocker!

I seriously hate the wood, its even worse in person! so glad its gone now. can't wait to show you the after at the end of the week!! and I'm sure the after picture there will be a mess on the counter top too. that's just how we do it here. :)

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