last minute

So last night i had a last minute girls night with Darci of Page Traveler Tales. You should check her site and say hi!  She is super cute and writes really well, and of course an awesome momma.

We went and got pedicures.  What else would a girlie night consist of??  No I'm really asking, honestly i don't know.  I don't go on very many girl nights.  So if there is something you enjoy doing with your girls let me know cause i like going out, but would like some ideas to keep on hand. :) Cool thanks!  

Any who, it was a lot of fun.  I'm glad we decided to go, plus i haven't had a pedicure since the day before i got married, yeah coming up on 5 years people.

oh, remember when i mentioned in my 15 facts post about my fat toe??
you don't? well here is a refresher.

anyway proof i have a fat toe, but i'm just really showing off my pedi. you get a two for one. yeeeah.

i'm all about the hot pink, and yes i know my toes seem to be freakishly long. i have big feet people and half is in toe. :)

thanks for all the awesome idea's of places to take my kiddos!! I really appreciate it!! Y'all are the best!!


  1. Yessss Erica you deserve every minute of that pedicure!! <3

  2. You know, I have NEVER had a pedi?

  3. My girlfriends and I like to find fun local restaurants we've never been to and try their desserts.


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