One of the many many goals i have for myself this year is to be more organized.  So far......not so much, but I'm at least thinking about being more organized.  Gotta start somewhere right?!

I've been thinking about my girls rooms lately.   They will eventually be sharing a room, and the rooms really aren't all that big, so I've been thinking of different ways to have space for all their junk. (i probably should just get rid of things and that would solve most of the problem right there.)

First off the closet.  They don't have doors, they were sliding ones, we took those off the second we moved in.  I didn't want to have to hear Evelyn playing with them in the middle of the night.

Next the beds.  To be able to eliminate a dresser for more space i think beds with storage would do the trick perfectly.

Okay this last one is a dream.  I know the girls would love it but i'm not about the spend thousands $$$ on my girlies bed that they will just destroy.  Sorry kiddos momma is not that nice and/or made a money.

Any tips on what i should do? 

I think i have too many projects/ideas for my house right now.  I need to stop, but i guess having a plan is better than not.

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