so i was to start on my front room next, but i'm getting sick and tired of hating my family room.  its a big awkward space so i was having a hard time figuring out what to do, but i found some things online that i'm going to work from and hopefully get this room going.

this is were we obviously watch tv/movies, the kids play in here everyday, its are everyday room, you wake up and you go there, so its a high traffic room, so it needs to cater to everything we need.

so this is my family room layout right now, please also imagine toys, clothes, food, crumbs, baskets, boxes, & many other unknown items in this space and you've got it. :)

the first thing i really want to do is make a kids area.  which would be in there area of the room.

i really like the idea of having a chalkboard wall or something like that for the girls to color on.

i love the benches in this one.
extra storage and added seating for parties.
super cute!

one: i love the green & two: the wall of shelfs boxes

 I'll hopefully some how work those in while also making the other half of the room work with this play/kids area.

What do you think??? too much? too little?

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