A couple of days ago to get Evelyn off my back about doing something, i handed her my camera and told her to go and take pictures. 

The girl loves taking pictures so she went and immediately started and i all i heard from the other room was lots of giggling. 

186 pictures later she said she was done.   i would love for you to see all of them but there is just not enough room.  So I'll just give you a preview of the theme of pictures i noticed.

more than half of the pictures were this.....

Yep the "pictures of the shows i'm was watching while taking pictures" pictures.  ice age, spongebob, icarly, and a few other ones.

There were quite a few "check out my awesome feet" shots.

The "random crap around the house worthy of picture taking" pictures.

Then finally the "amelia is up to no good, and check me out i look good" photos.

To see the eyes through a child, literally!

I hope you enjoy these as much as i do.  Have a super awesome weekend!

Pictures of the kitchen coming in the next day or two. i think I'm going to put some sort of stencil or vinyl on the cupboards to jazz them up a bit! can't wait!

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