deal or i pull your hair

Okay, I've been so slacking on a lot of things lately. My bloggity for one!  I been going through some withdrawals and don't feel much motivation.  I still wish i was on vacation. okay, not necessarily on vacation just back in California.  awwww dreams.  maybe someday.

Just cause i've been slacking doesn't mean there are plenty of crazy things going on in our household.

My kids have picked some pretty great new skills that i thought i would share with ya'll. (by great i mean...why must you do this!?! your driving me crazy!!)

Evelyn has always been good at making deals, you get this, so i get this. well its moved to a new level.

She thinks she is the boss now.  some of my favorites.
  • mom you go here sit and i'll go play computer. okay.
  • let me see, i got it! i get ice cream and you go play computer
  • i get drink, you get drink, we go watch tv.
  • you go lay down, i go play okay.
  • i get strawberries, and i get juice, you stay here. okay
  • i do letters on your phone and you watch.
most of the "commands" happen early in the morning while I'm still lying in bed and she is free to roam the house on her own for a little bit.  i think she's realized that she can take advantage of my tiredness. they aren't really driving me crazy sometimes it just gets old.

Amelia.  my sweet little small fry.  Well maybe not too sweet anymore.  She has found a new love for two wonderful things.

1.  pulling hair and laughing hysterically while she does it.
2.  hitting and laughing hysterically while she does it.

why must she think it's so funny to inflict pain on others?  at this point there doesn't seem any hope in stopping her ways.  her punishment for these things she hates but she keep on doing them.  i hold her in my lap and hold on to her hands and fold them and she has to that do that for 1 1/2 minutes. then she just laughs and goes on doing them again.

the joys of sweet children and the many things they pick up from......everywhere and everything. gah.

does any one have any really great punishments or ways they discipline their kids, help a momma out.  please?!

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