okay my goals for this week are:
  1. clean the house top to bottom & i mean spotless
  2. keep said spotless house that way
  3. paint front living room, and maybe get the family room done too
  4. if i can't paint family room get all crayon/pencil/marker off the wall stat.
  5. make sure house doesn't smell like cat/dirty diapers/feet or any other nasty smell.
  6. stay sane.
Why would i be so crazy about getting the house clean when in fact it honestly is NEVER EVER clean?!?!

Well i'm glad you asked cause there will be a little shindig going down at me casa this coming Saturday.  coolness.

Its a Harry Potter Party.  A friend of mine as throwing the party and I'm letting her use my house cause it can fit a few more peeps.

Hey if you'd like to join us in our awesomeness shoot me an email or find me on that facepalm and I'll send you the info. :)

Have a super duper Independence Day folks!!

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