fill it in fool.

I'm a complete newbie at this.

Sometimes i think i'm cool and i copy people, cause they are really the cool ones.
i got this from Muffin Loves Biscuit
who has been doing this for some time now, and welp she is cool.

if you want to play along click on the scrumptious picture below and link up. mmMMmmm.....berries.
we all secretly want to be cool. i'm just less secretive about it.  enjoy!

1. My favorite color is   green.  all shades of green.  its the color i associate with most with living. if its green it's living, therefore happy. my logic is simple and weird. i know.

2. My travel destination of choice is  any where with my family. i could be anywhere the mountains, a lake, the beach, as long as my family is with me its my fav.

3. My favorite food is  chips and salsa. delish. i could eat it for every meal and be happy.

4. My happy place is  in the car.  i love having the feeling of being free to go where i want. it doesn't happen a lot so it is definitely my happy place.  
5. My favorite saying is    "what the johnny?" its an expression that my dad has been using since i was little and it is fitting for any occasion. try it out. its awesome.

6. My dirty little secret is   that i'm not sure what it is. i do lots of things people wouldn't want to know and most people do as well. i shower sometimes once a week, i hardly wash my jeans, i play with dolls,  and i like watching startrek & stargate. you know the norm.

7. Something friends might say about me is that I   im totally crazy(in a fun way or not. their choice), or that i laugh really loud, okay both. yeah that seems about right.

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