mud pies

my backyard is small and simple. grass usually overgrown or dead, but i still love it.

my girlies love, LOVE venturing outside.  even if its 110+ outside they will try to escape to the backyard.

it was overcast a bit and a little cooler so i let me go outside. with water and they had the best time. they were out there for a couple of hours just playing and doing their thing.

i love outside time too. perfect time to take pictures of their adventures in the backyard.

yes the good mother i am.  i saw them having a hard time digging a whole in the mud with their little toys, so i went and got some spoons and gave those to them. they were very excited when i handed them those. they dug a great hole after that!

MY LITTLE CRAZIES!!  I remember growing up playing in mud, and loving it.  Looks like my kids will do that same.

Oh and they also painted the house too. child labor?? yep. they did a great mud painting job. :)

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