i'm going back to my 30 days of awesome. i remembered it once again. its about time.

i've been thinking about taking some of those brain pills that are on the market.
maybe it would help me.

day 11-write a bucket list of things you want to do before you die

i don't like to think of myself as dieing, im living, so im making a slight change.

day 11- write a bucket list of things you want to do before you turn 35.
( i was going to say 30 but that only gives me 6 years, i need at least 11)
  • take some of those brain pills.
  • have another baby/be done with having babies(this one is when im 30)
  • get a van/suv that will fit our family comfortably
  • visit all the states west of the Mississippi.
  • visit all the states east of the Mississippi.
  • be an active member of my children's PTA :)
  • go back to school and get a degree in Secondary Education
  • go on a family vacation every summer.
  • visit another country
  • learn to speak a foreign language
  • and many other things i'm sure, but i'm tired so maybe i'll add more as the days go on.
any suggestions on something i should add to my list i'm up for anything really?

edit: hey ya'll i've been having a super awesome sunny time in a magical land. i finally have a kick butt tan and my children are finally seeing some sun so they don't look so albino-ish anymore! sweet awesome! happy monday!!

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