Pay It Forward

This week on Blogger Idol the contestants are given the assignment to Pay It Forward.

Choose at least 5 blogs that they love and share a little about them, so we the blogging community can get to know others and branch out into the awesomeness of the blogging world.

Great assignment, is it not?!  Oh it sure is!!!

Just cause i'm judging doesn't mean a can't play along right?  I wanna send some blog love too!

I have many blogs i just can't enough of, here are a few of my many favorites!!! ENJOY!

1.  Stay Gold, Autumn.
I started blog stalking her when i found out she was dating a guy i knew from high school.  I knew she was perfect for him, and was super excited when i found out they were getting married. Yay!  I was able to meet her and she is just a kind, beautiful, charming, honest, and funny in real life as she is on her blog.  She is quite stylish as well.  Check out this beauty.  You'll love some Autumn all year round. :)

2. Muffin Loves Biscuit
I stumbled upon this little sweetie just a few months ago.  She is super hilarious, and takes some amazing photos.  Her posts are always so entertaining.  Maybe its because i'm having a wonderful time reading about how she is adjusting to the sweltering heat of AZ. Okay that sounds mean, but its not, i've lived here my whole life and i'm still working on adjusting to the heat.

3.  Chapterhouse Lane
Another recent discovery and i've had the opportunity to meet her in person, she is an amazing person inside and out.  This girl can write her heart out!  She has an amazing story she's posting on her blog.  Just a warning once you've started reading you will be addicted!  Trust me!

4.  Mom, The Intern
This chicka, yes is a momma, but her blog is so much more.  Its awesome.  She has some amazing stories, and wonderful thoughts.  When i first started reading her blog she was doing a "Live your best: challenge" The things she challenged are great and i was hooked immediately.  I could tell just from her blog that she would be an amazing person to meet and also a sweet heart in real life.  I love me some honest, funny folks.

5. Page Travelers Tales
Last but not least, The Page Traveler. Miss Darci.  I met this beauty a few years ago at a mutuals friends dinner party for just a few seconds, but i recently had the opportunity to get to know her much better when we both moved into the same neighborhood.  She is super smart, funny, and a very caring person.  She has amazing ideas, and writes like a champ. Her blog reflects her well.  Just one of my many favorite things about her blog are these "love mom" letters to her little monkey boy.  They are very entertaining cause our little muchkins are just weeks apart.

Check out these super fun crazy ladies!! 
Send them some blogging love!!

Follow their blogs or else. 
Don't make me fist threaten you!!
::shakes fist:: 

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