so yesterday our power went out,  just like about half of the city of mesa.  i was grateful it was only off for a bit and not the rest of the day like some folks. 

when the power went out evelyn was enjoying a movie. it turns off commence "OH NO" for about 10 minutes. then the following conversation took place.

e-mom what happend?!
me-the power went out so the tv doesn't work right now
e-oh no mom, small tv? (the tv in her room)
me-honey that one won't work either, all the power is out no tv's will work right now
e-let me check? i go check small tv, okay.
me-okay, but its not going to work.
e-okay, run run run, shuffle shuffle shuffle, click, click, OH NO MOM!!!
me-what happened?
e- tv doesn't work!! its dead.
me- i know the power is out so no tv's will work.
e- i know! lets get batteries. it will work.
me- hun batteries won't work on tv's i'm sorry.
e- ugh! nothing to do now!
me- i'm sorry, lets play a game.
e- swords, michael?? (games on the wii)
me- no those games won't work, a board game.
e- no mom.
she lays down and falls asleep. :)

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