100 workouts

okay so I've never really had a great work out routine.  The last time i had a very consistent routine was the summer before my senior year of high school and i had a football coach giving me my routine so it was pretty intense.

haven't done a very good job since then.

i was with some of my friend a few weeks ago for girls night and they were talking about how they needed to go to the gym. these girls don't need to worry about going to a gym either, they are so freakin beautiful!! i honestly can't remember the last time i went to a gym.  its why I'm so round and slacking in the whole "healthy" thing. 

I'm a busy mom, trying to keep the kids happy, trying to keep the house clean, cook meals, yeah you get the idea.  I stay pretty busy during the day. I've felt like i haven't had the time to really start a regular work out routine.

well my friend i have found my saving grace!! big thank you to pinterest and a friend (::cough cough:: Leigh) for posting this simple list of things i can do throughout the day! yes!!

I started today. Yikes it is rough. Seemed easy but things on paper usually seem that way.

If you want, start with me!!  You may be busy too, but you have a few minutes here and there to work out. GO FIGURE!?!

I know that this list and i are going to be good friends.  I don't care if i loose weight i just want to get a work out in and feel better!

Who doesn't want to feel better?

Whose with me?


  1. I should probably do this on the days I don't go to the gym because sometimes it isn't super convenient to go and I could do a little of this all day.

    I <3 this list!

  3. saweeet erica i just started back to the gym but lets me honest all i do is the treadmill and elliptical...i've been thinking i really need to come home and do some floor work or something... this is perfect! thx

  4. I love this simple, straight forward, and doable. I'm in.

  5. At first that is going to be killer... but once you're used to it... you're going to think it's way to easy ;^)
    I'm going to write it down and try it after baby comes... maybe I'll start around your birthday ;^)


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