bed time

I'm sitting here in a quiet house. Husband is off at his friends house, and i'm so bored.  I'm  not tired enough to go to bed just yet.  i've already done my workout and holy moly!! I am feeling it.  I hope anyone else that is doing the 100 workout is feeling it too. (if your not and its a breeze, please lie to me.)

anyway, my children are tucked away all snug in their beds.  That's right, i said beds, plural.  Amelia is officially a toddler!  today is the second night she has been in her 'big girl' bed.  oh but this is not all!!  My girls are in the SAME room!


Thank you, thank you! i know, amazing things are happening at our house. Sure the first night of them sharing a room Evelyn woke up at around 2am crying and screaming cause she wet the bed and woke up Amelia, then they just played till about 4ish when then finally fell back asleep. (they were so cranky today)

I'd say its been a huge success!

I did take everything out of their room though.  I'm a mean mom.  the only thing in their room is (of course) their beds, a rug, and a couple of stuffed animal.  stuffed animals are much quieter than blocks and cars. quiet sleep = happy momma.

I'm hoping that with less distractions they will sleep better. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that all thing will go well tonight!

goodnight y'all


  1. **APPLAUSE***


    Awesome job!

    You should take a bow!!!

    I also try to keep the minimum in Emry's room.. or else he'd be up playing all night!

  2. Ah I can't believe Mia is in a big girl bed now!! I don't know if I'm ready for Rig to grow up haha!

  3. I am impressed!! I haven't even thought about doing a big girl bed for Stella yet! I like that she stays in her crib and I can get her when I want. You are very brave to put them in the same room. Good idea to take everything out.


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