not like the others.

Okay so i'm not usually the type of person that cares to accessorise any sort of outfit or look of some kind.

I'm usually trying to just barley get myself out the door, i didn't feel the need to add anything extra.
well i must admit.


The ONLY time i will admit i was wrong.  Please enjoy this moment in history.
Its super easy to through on a necklace or a cute pair of earrings! Who would have thought right?! Crazy talk!

My thoughts on these things changed well when my kids stopped messing with my things a bit.  So i figured now it a good time to try things out.  Oh and i happened to find some really cute stuff at this amazing store in San Diego that i got a few things at. And the best part is, if they break I'm not going to care there were only 1 dollar. That's right, the great accessory dollar store in the history of the planet!

The name is called 'Everythings a Deal' so right there should have let me know of the awesomeness i was about to witness.

I will show you some of the cute things i got. remember all one dollar people!! YES!

i got these two adorable rings.  my personal favorite in the turtle of course! i love it!

i seem to be going through an owl stage. just got with it.

            super fun earrings!
down side: the backs on these things are like and inch long.
if i hug someone my head will start bleeding from a hole puncture wound.
Still so cute and fun though!!

Okay these lasts set of earrings i want to plat a little game with you!!
Its called: which one is not like the others?!

Are you up for it! I hope your excited because i sure am!

First off i want to say i bought this set of earrings for the owls. bees. ladybugs and fishies.

okay let the game begin.

spot it??? hahahaha!!!

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