hair fail

so i consider myself an okay hair trimmer. i trim my kids hair. i have never attempted to actually cut some length off. a minimal amount is my kind of cut.

well i was trimming evelyns hair it grows really weird and uneven. so i told her to hold still.
fail #1. Don't tell your child to hold still they will do the exact opposite.
fail #2. continue to cut even though she moved. GAH!

that's right i ended up cutting about a 4-5inch chunk of hair off the back of my daughter beautiful long hair. i had no choice but to cut the rest. it was sad. PLUS i have no idea what i'm doing. so its a bit uneven but i did the best i could.

her hair was getting so long!!

welp here is the after.....

she does look a lot more grown up. i didn't want that yet!! but she did tell me the other day to stop calling her my baby and that she was a big girl. ::sigh::

oh and big girls get to dress themselves. 

"fancy" sunday shirt with fruit shorts. cute! :)

i love my girlies.

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