its a party

okay so my little girls have been invited to their FIRST friend birthday party!
uhhhh HUGE!! 

I mean they have been to some cousin parties but this is so different.

I'm more excited then they are. Amelia just smiles at anything i say, and I was telling evelyn about it and she was like "yeah, okay" the.end.

now i must figure out what to get their little friend. hmmmm....

what a great gift for little girls ages 2-4??

anything out right now that is popular with this age?
-your probably thinking aren't my kids this age too?!
-shouldn't you know?!
yes they are this age and no i don't. 
i know what my kids like and it's usually a used piece of paper or something broken.

help a momma out?!

thanks so much!

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  1. search etsy for 'eco friendly toddler gifts'
    so many great things came up!


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