date nights

Who here enjoys having a date night???
Whatever your date night may consist of, i think its freaking mandatory to go out with, yourself or your significant other, as many times as you can.

It seriously helps you recharge your batteries. 

All I'm trying to say is. Go out this weekend. Have fun, stay out late, do something stupid. :)

My personal favorite thing about going out is i get dressed up.  I do my hair, wear make-up (yes the few times i actually do) and look hot for my main squeeze!

Have a wonderful weekend my lovely friends!

Something to remember for your weekend: as the lovely Britney would say...

"Confidence is a must, happiness is a plus, edginess is a rush..."

(used my straightener to get my waves just right.)

oh and PS, i wore my flying skulls on my date with the hubster. ;)

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