its half way through the week and i'm already super exhausted. good times. :)
but its been a great thus far and will be even better the rest.

WELL, yesterday was a special day in our household. It marked the 28th year of my hubsters birth.
(oh look at this cutie!! & holy crap i keep forgetting how much my amelia looks like her daddy as a baby. )

Yes my dear husband turned 28.  I think he's freakin out a bit about this number.  I guess i would freak out if i just turned 28 too, but alas i'm just a measly 24. :)

I know specifically something he's kinda freaked out about is having more kids after 28.  I guess since he is the youngest in his family and his dad was 28 when he was born, if he has any after 28 he's old.

I think it should be when i feel too old to have kids, no more kids.

(my favorite picture of him.
if you look closely you'll see one of his eyebrows is almost completely shaved off!!)
I just want to say
I am so lucky to have my hubby. 
He is so amazing!  He is my dictionary, random facts master, spell checker, funny, caring man!

We didn't do much for his big day.
i don't think he really wanted too, he doesn't like being the center of attention, but it was great to spend the day with him at home and just relax.


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