well lets see its been a while. sorry about that.

i seem to have developed a slight cleaning OCD the last couple of weeks. its not a huge one just a small one.  it is a good thing though.  i like cleaning, but not my own house.  i love cleaning other people houses. weird, but maybe not. who's with me on that one?? anyone?? so my house has been cleaner now than it has been for a really long time. its kind of nice, but its always going to just get messy again. oh well, such is life. :)

so i've been cleaning in my spare time. weird!!


i ordered a pair of glasses online last week and they came in the other day.

first off i got these bad boys for free! yes thats right. from a little place called coastal contacts. oh yeah, like their FB page and you can order free glasses too, there is a little tabby for free frames! yay!

so i never showed my hubster what they looked like.  So i sent him a picture and said "your wife the nerd".  When he got home that night he looked at me for a few seconds and said "yep, my little nerd wife." hahaha

its going to take him longer to get used to them than me.  I'm not used to being able to see clearly out of glasses. my old ones were so scratched and missing pieces it was rediculous.

i hope you enjoy the new NERDY Good Job Momma!


  1. SO CUTE! I love them!!!!

    Nerds = AWESOME!

    Yesterday, I wrote about pizza, it was pretty funny... and today I am trying NOT to talk about food in my post.
    Come see what I come up with!!!


  2. Sweet glasses! I Love that they were free ninety free!


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