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I've been busy making and setting up some decorations for my favorite holiday ever, Halloween. you won't see me decorating for honestly any other holiday....maybe a tiny bit for Christmas.

i seriously love Halloween. greatest day of the year. i wanted to get married that day but i guess it wouldn't be the best anniversary with children (and i think it was like a Tuesday the year i got married), so i got married a few days before. :)

anyway, here is some progress of decorating. it will change many times before the big day. :)

the front door.
i know my wreath needs something else.
i just haven't figured that out just yet.
and i need more bats.

the front entry table.
its a work in progress.

did i mention how much i love this holiday. yeah it's the bomb.

now i'm just debating on what i'm going to be this year and my children too. hmmmmm....maybe minions? 


guest post of awesome

hello good people of blog land!

i know i haven't graced you with my awesome for a little while now but, i've been dealing with some sass talking girls over here, and now, as of this morning, one of them (evelyn) thinks they can cut hair and not just their own (little sister), yeah my girls don't have the best looking hair cuts on the block right now. oops.

if you are joining me from the lovely DianaPantz welcome welcome! thanks for stopping by, you stay classy.  Have a look around stay, laugh, join the club (i'm seriously working on the whole jacket thing)

if you don't know what i'm talking about from the previous paragraph go on over to HERE and check out a lovely little guest post i'm doing. :] it would please me so, if you would do that and show Diana some love!! She is super awesome!


i'm around

well, i am slacky miss slack slack right now.  :] please forgive me.
okay so i must ask, with half the month of September already gone how is everyone doing on the no soda kick

i for one am doing excellent with out it!  i haven't been craving the devilish Dr.Pepper not even once! it feels good knowing you don't really need it....why did i need it in the first place then? weird.

so what about the 100 workout?

has that been kicking your butt? it's still kicking mine. i need to step it up and do better, sure I'm doing it but there is always room for improvement, but i have gotten a lot better with the whole not wanting to pass out or dry-heaving after the work out. that seems to be gone now, THANK GOODNESS!

So whats going on....?
(besides my hideous fat lip from a ever growing cold sore. yeah seriously, ugh.)
  • Friday is my wonderful father birthday!!! and what is he doing for his big day...hiking.....the grand canyon....again! :] maybe I'll join you next year dad, I'm just not in any sort of shape for that challenge.

  • Saturday is my super awesome sister Mallory's birthday!!! I'm sorry but i can't seem to remember what year in your life this will be, lets just say......20 something and rockin it! YAY!

  • I don't think i've mentioned the fact that i have a brother currently serving a mission in Uruguay! Well i do and as of right now we will be graced with his presence, after TWO LONG YEARS, in a matter of about 6 weeks!! uh holy moly!! I was trying to figure out what was going to top the whole Ellen thing, cause i don't have very many SUPER exciting thing going on but i decided having my brother come home will definitely top that! :] i'm just super excited! if you couldn't tell.
Okay well i must scram you little rascals. Thank you for being awesome readers!!!


funny photo!

left to right: Mallory(sorry i'm blocking your face mals.), ME, My Mom, Kimberly.
i had to add this picture!!

if you like The Ellen DeGeneres Show on facebook you can check out all this week photos of audience dancing!

you can see my hand in a different photo! hahaha! i still can't believe we were there!


ellen show awesome

so  i know that i have a serious glare on my glasses but whatev.

so i thought it would be fun to recap my ellen experience with a video, so you sweet awesome readers can see that i am really totally a nut case and i that i laugh all the time. :)

enjoy! i may look like a fool, but remember 60% of the time i look like this every time! :)

this picture was right before the show.  i look all crazy eyed. hahah i was just so excited! 50!!!!


on the road again

well folks the time has finally come!!

i'm in sweet awesome California right now. Soaking up some sun and getting ready for The Ellen show!!!!  HECK YES!!!

So freaking excited right now!!!! Could you tell??!!
Make sure you watch The Ellen Show on tuesday the 13th!! Maybe you'll see me!!! :)

Hope everyone had a rockin weekend! 

i'm sure i'll have a bunch of pictures for ya when i get back.





one year older and wiser too.

oh and you get better looking everyday!

<3 you tonz


people of walmart

i have a story of a person you will not see on the website people of walmart.

it starts with last night...

around 9ish i was getting in bed (yes super early i know, i had a headache and decided to turn in early) when evelyn started to call my name.  i peek in and she is still sleeping so i go back to bed. About 20 mintues later she is standing next to me crying. I got up, brought her back to bed and asked her is she needed anything. (all the while i'm trying not to wake up the sleeping toddler inches away from me) she started complaining, i need medicine, so i check her head, ON FIRE, i feel her arms & legs, ON FIRE! uhh holy crap, so i get her cold water, a cold washcloth and some medicine. she wouldn't let me leave so i stayed with her for a couple hours till she was out. 

5:45am-  i get woken up by the little amelia going through my things on my side tale (its not even a table, it's a cardboard box, i'm cool). really amelia!? okay i get up turn a movie on, and go back to my bed. 10 minutes later evelyn comes screaming at me "i gotta throw up mom!" so we make it to the bathroom. she's freaking out. i got all the bed things and took her to the couch to watch the movie with sister. (who by the way is back asleep and now snoring)

I just want to go back to sleep, but i realize i have nothing to give my sick child. no crackers or special drinks. ugh. so i drive off to walmart at 6:30am.

first off i now know what its like to be in a fully stocked walmart. never seen it. it was awesome!  so i get all my things and i'm leaving, when the nicest greeter came up to me.  She had the biggest smile on her face and she waved and wished me a wonderful day.

WHAT?! I felt like i had just met Marty!  Just that simple smile and wave honestly made me feel better.  It could still be a great day even though my kid is sick. And it has been a great day.

Why can't people just smile more? I think it would make a big difference. 

Thats my story for the day. I hope you smile at someone today.  It might make someones life that much better. :)

seriously pick up this book, you will NOT regret it!!


duh winning

i feel like i've won the lottery today!  i seriously just rolled out of bed and it's already the greatest day ever!

-my children found some chocolate bars in the fridge for breakfast! hahaha  i come out and amelia is covered in chocolate. i ask evelyn is she found the candy in the fridge she just smiles and give me her logic of why they needed to eat them. "momma, two candy's, ::pointing to herself and amelia:: One, two! FOR US MOM!" i just laughed and they laughed with me. :]

-i got two blogger awards! uhhhh what! so cool. I got nominated from the ever so sweet Kateri Von Steal.  She always leaves me the greatest comments and i love reading her blog. you should read too its great.  I'll get a more detailed post with the awards a little later. :] so cool! thank you!

-i have my first guest post ever at my friend Darci's awesome blog Page Traveler Tales today! Check it out.  This week she is having a series of guest posts in honor of the upcoming 10th anniversary of 9/11.  It's such a wonderful idea! I can't wait to read everyone else wrote!

-only 4 more days till i leave for LA! woot woot! only 6 more days till the Ellen show!! i hope taylor Lautner is on our show. HAHAHA i would die!!! Can not wait! so excited!!



So we are having our labor day weekend just a hop skip away in the nearby town of scottsdale.  Staying at a cute little place.  One really great thing about staying somewhere is you can turn the air down as cold as you want and not have the pay a dime for it.  oh its so nice to walk in the apartment at have it be below 70.  Makes the 110 weather outside a little more bearable. :)

How is everyone doing on the no soda?  I haven't caved. I won't cause i know if i do i'll have to say i did then i will kick myself because if it. I'm not wanting any sort of pain right now. 

Speaking of pain....100 Workouts?? anyone actually trying it? or at least tried it once? if you haven't do it!! :) 

oh and i'd like to mention that my inner emo has left me.  I knew it was going to be short lived, it was fun while it lasted.

my final hair transformation is complete. a little look that is called ombre. yeah its pretty awesome, and a lot of fun!

Did i mention how much i love getting my hair done??!?! Because its one of my favorite things. :)

i hope everyone has a wonderful safe labor day!!! Make its the best one yet!!


story time

well folks its September. WOOT!

First off if you'd like to join my No Soda September let me know by checking yes or no in the little poll over here------------>>>>

I must say today is already a crazy one and its only 10am.  My girls have been getting up earlier than usual.  Yesterday, for instance they woke up of 5:30 and did not go back to sleep.  Today they got up around 6:30.

Seriously children, if you want a happy momma during the day you better stay in your little beds until at least 7:30 or 8.  Now that i'm not relying on soda, for my kick into gear in the morning, this is a warning you better sleep or i may just go a-wall.  yes, i just threatened, with my fist of fury in the air too. you betcha i'm that mom.

Besides getting up too darn early, the girls sharing a room is amazing!

Perk one: They go to bed at the same time now. YES!
Perk two: evelyn does not need the tv to fall asleep anymore. YES!
Perk three: they seem to be sleeping better. no waking up in the middle of the night. YES!
Perk four: they fall asleep every night to me reading them stories. YES!

I've always wanted to be a story reading mom, but they haven't wanted me to be, they would just yell and scream when i would start to read a story (evelyn is usually the one doing this).  Its nice to be something that i had only seen done in the movies.

PS. When evelyn saw my hair for the first time she said, " Mom, your hair is brown just like ME!! So pretty! (she pauses for a second and is staring at me) Wait, no mom, your hair is BLACK not like me!!!"

oh children.
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