30 days of awesomeness.

I got this idea from a fellow blogger and friend. who is super cute and just so happens to be doing a giveaway at the moment.  

Any who, I thought it was a creative way to share more about me.

Day ONE:
day 1 - recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself 

(taken at Apple Bee's on a date with my hubby 5/14)
its not all that great but its the most recent

15 facts.
wow this is going to be hard. 
  •  i am a shorty 5'4 okay really 5'3 i gave myself an inch on my drivers license
  • my feet are ginormous. size 9 to 10 so if any one has some unused clown feet lying around send them over.
  • i have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. nope not the middle child.
  • i've been married for 4 1/2 years.
  • i like to people watch. so naturally i come off being a wee bit creepy sometimes.
  • i sing really loud and dance while I'm driving, and with no shame.
  • i love watching movies. we've got quite the collection and growing.
  • i'm not a planning person. i find planning so boring. (probably the cause to me never getting anything done. hmmm.)
  •  i'm a night owl.  i usually stay up till 1 in the morning. so if you ever need someone to talk to, i'm your gal.
  • i like to bake. i love how it makes my house smell so delicious.
  • i really don't like reading.  not much of a book fan, if it has a movie i'm more into that.
  • my pointer finger on my right had in totally messed up. hahaha.
  • i've got a fat toe. its pretty funny actually.
  • i prefer to watch cartoons over other shows, especially spongebob. (influence of children i think.)
  • let go easy for the last one, my all time favorite color is green. in any shade, just love it to pieces.
so there you have it. 
15 totally random things about me. 
this actually took me hours to do.

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