how i went about being a loser

so i got a couple of questions about how i'm losing weight.
there is actually few things that i've love to share with ya.

just so everyone knows. it's taken lots of time, patience and dedication for sure.

At the end of November i started really getting motivated and i really wanted a way to track my food and just see how bad i really was. 

So i signed up with My Fitness Pal. a free calorie counter.  i did a week of just what i normally ate. I was all over the place! some days i would only consume 600-800 calories and others over 2000! i obviously was not smart about what i was eating and not knowledgeable about how much i should be eating, i was a mess.

so i started off by setting my goal to eat 1500 calories a day and drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day.

i wasn't going all crazed diet, i didn't put crazy restrictions on myself, i knew i would cave and sabotage myself. so i let things open.

and honestly after just a few weeks of doing that i was feeling great!! i lost a few pounds, and was doing good. the holiday's hit but i was still doing good. i didn't over do it because i knew I'd be logging everything in and i didn't want to disappoint myself.

i was doing really great. i knew though i need to change my calorie intake to be a little lower soon. that's when at the end of January Weight Watchers came into play.  i was just what i needed to keep me going.

i got a handy dandy phone app to keep track of my points, but by then i was so used to tracking my food i kept doing that too. so for the last 3 months I've been keeping track of points while at the same time tracking the phone in myfitnesspal too. i've added friends on myfitnesspal to keep myself honest and motivated.

it seems to be working really well for me.  i started walking, then did Billy Blanks Boot camp to get some muscle, now i'm going both walking and the boot camp intermittently to keep things going too. i feel better when i work out. i may not loose as much because of it, but i can feel the difference and my clothes feel the difference too. it has helped that i've been eating more fruits and vegetables every day, they are zero points so i try and eat as much as i can, so i stay full longer and feel more satisfied.

this has gotten kind of lengthy so i won't go into what i eat specifically, but if you'd like to know...ask. i'd be happy to share!

:)  so now you know how i became a loser.  it's pretty awesome and to think i could be 40 pounds down in another 3 months! that's so exciting to think about!


  1. I know I'm not like, family or your mom or anything, but I'm seriously so proud of you! What you're doing is amazing, and you're doing it the right way - which is good for you and your health. Keep it up!

  2. you rock erica!!! lookin'super cute!


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