make a deal

so yesterday was my sister Kim AND sister-in-law Amy's Birthday!
i hope they both had a super awesome amazing birthday!!
Kim turned the flirty age of 30 and Amy turned a sassy 24!

something totally exciting happened yesterday for my sister Kim and my brother in law Max.

They went to Let's make a deal in November and their episode aired yesterday!! uhhhhh so cool on her birthday!!

oh and yeah they were picked too!

check out their awesome video!  :) it was on facebook yesterday so if you've already seen it, well just watch it again cause it's that awesome. i've watched it a lot!

if the video doesn't load here is the link. **fishing for a deal**

all i can say is bbq & margaritas at their place! wha what!! :)
and......DO IT, DO IT!

seriously, so cool! hahaha. love it.

Happy birthday to kim! Happy birthday to amy!! love ya girls!


  1. haha such a funny video! I still can't believe they got called up!!!

    thank you for the birthday wishes and candy!! :)

  2. HA HA!! i had the best birthday EVER!!! still laughing about it


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