someday i'll be....

livin in a big ol' city. anyone know that song? yes, Taylor swift! i just have it in my head cause i was just thinking about how my little nephew rig sings it pretty darn good(there is a video and i'll have to find it!) and so does my niece Hanna. who sang it for me the other day while we were driving around, she told me it was her favorite song ever, too funny.

any who, Taylor swift brings me to Ellen. you know cause they are like bff's.  i think i've mentioned a few times on here how much i just love Ellen and her show. any who, i love YouTube and i was browsing and i came across this video.
please enjoy. i hope you laugh as much as i did.

and that's why she is the bomb. bahahaha. made my day!

happy thursday!

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  1. haha yes rig use to sing it all the time! its on youtube called rig singing tay swift.


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