starting over

I've decided today is the best day to start over.

why start Monday when you could start today. hooray!

"dieting" is hard for sure.  well, it's not really a diet, i'm going more for a lifestyle change and i'm getting it. i know more about what my body responds too.

funny story. 

this is a direct quote form my husbands facebook page.

"Just had an interesting conversation with erica. I walk in the room, and she mumbles something. I ask her what she said, and she says "yes". I said "I didn't hear what you said in the first place" and she replies "i said yes!". Confused, I asked again what she was talking about, and she said "you know what, I'm done, I am going back to sleep." I asked one more time what she was talking about and she says "i told you, yes, she has the carrots. You asked, and I said yes" she rolls over and I think she is out. Still have no idea what she was talking about, but I guess I will look for carrots in the morning."

see i AM getting it! i'm dreaming about carrots! that is awesome!

i'm going to go full on awesome mode now. ready for this, cause i know i'm ready for this. what i've been doing has been a warm up :)

1,200 calories a day.
exercises at least 5x a week.
get 8 hours of sleep.

sounds easy enough right. hahahaha. oh man.

one thing i know i need to get rid of is the one thing i'm trying to hard to hold on too.....

diet soda. i know it is so terrible and awful for you, i'm just having a hard time with it. slow and steady, i'll get off the stuff soon. i can't just go cold turkey, that's just too hard. i hate that i'm addicted to the stuff. ugh.

cheers to a new me. wish me luck. :)


  1. Do me a favor.
    You want to kick diet soda?
    Don't clean your toilet bowl for two weeks.
    Let it get that gross ring around the toilet, that we only see in Walmart and Gas Station bathrooms...
    Then. Take a Glass of your precious Diet Dr. Pepper.
    Pour it in the toilet bowl and let it sit for 5 minutes.

    Once you see how crystal clean your toilet will be...
    You'll never drink another sip.


    <3 you.

  2. Can I just LIKE Kateri's comment?

    Erica, you are amazing and strong and I know you can do it! Go Go Erica!

  3. OH man, dieting is so hard. I'd rather just eat what I want and exercise. Haha. Good luck! I have a friend who gave up soda completely and lost 3 pounds in like a month!! Crazy awesome!


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