let the meeting begin

okay so i've been completely brainless the last few days. why.....i wish i knew. i've sat down to write some stuff (pretty amazing stuff too) and i just sit here.

lookin all weird and whaaaaa at my computer screen.  then i start blog stalking myself again, and i laugh at the awesome stuff i wrote. what it WRONG with me!! ahhhhhh! its probably super weird/bad how much i think i'm funny, when i'm probably not even all that funny.  i have ithinkimhilariousitis. yeah, look it up. it's real....ish. i hope, well if it's not then it is now. i declare ithinkimhilariousitis to be so, because it was written, amen.

so i declare this to be the first official meeting. if you'd like to join, please feel free. this is a safe environment.

i'll start.

my name is erica and i have come today to admit that i have ithinkimhilariousitis.

my last episode was just a few minutes ago when i was reading through my earlier posts and i came across this picture...

right after i saw it i started laughing.

the sad lonely carts, flat car, the tree explosion.  is there a cure?

if there is i don't know if i'm ready for one. i'm that deep into this. i don't think i want to stop laughing at my corny jokes, weird word phrases, & silly pictures. 

this will take time and i feel much better with this coming out. thank you for coming today and listening to all my feelings.

meeting adjourned.


  1. I think you're pretty hilarious myself. I love your sad, lonely carts!

  2. My name is Kat and I think I have ithinkimhilariousitis.

    Because sometimes I look back at what I post... and I laugh... because I'm a friggin spaz.

    I love your "art work".

  3. Haha please I do this all the time aka my last post. But I have more fun when I'm being funny rather serious! So keep on being funny we love it!

  4. You are too funny. I adore you and your blog.


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