results, woot!

so i survived shopping on friday. hahaha. i think i've mentioned this before but i'm not one to go shopping for a extended period of time. hahaha. short and sweet and i'm out, but that was not the case on friday, but i didn't really mind. it was nice.

we went to a few different store at AZ mills. what did i get?

hmmm...well, i tried on lots of shirts and a few skirts/dresses.

i ended up coming home with only 3 things, BUT very proud of my three perchases for sure!

frist: floral pencil skirt at forever21+ 

yeah it's not that short on me i swear! did i mention im only 5'4 so this skirt goes just past my knees! hahaha. kinda glad to be a wee shorty for that skirt! it was a steal only $11 woot!

see!! looks so different on me! sorry picture is so blurry. i was moving i guess. :)

next after trying on a bunch of things at oldnavy, i walked out with nothing. i was debating on a few things but in the end, i decided to wait them out. i can always go back and get them later.

then we went to marshall's got a super trippy black and white shirt. soooo cool!

yeah see trippy! love it

then i got a wicked awesome shirt from H&M! i got to be honest i've only ever bought a pari of earrings from them, cause honestly that's what fit.  so excited that i got this shirt! husband thought it looked like curtains, hahahaha! thats okay i like my curtain/rug shirt it's awesome!


i'm trying to figure out what i like....what the crap is my style?! it's all over the place, but is that it? just a mesh of stuff..

i have no idea, i've never really thought about it!

oh and i do need some help i'm supposed to get a 'statement' necklace. something bright so if you've seen something around let me know where i can look. anything bright and fun would be great!!!
i hope i can find more things that i like and actually start to, i don't know, look put together more. that might be nice. 

just because i'm a mom doesn't mean i have to dress like one right?!


  1. I love the stripey shirt!

    My style is kind of all over the place, too. I went through a phase where I owned like 6 different black tops. What the heck. Now I'm more adventurous!

    For a statement necklace, go back to F. 21. SOOO cheap, you can't go wrong. Or DownEast Basics. Their clothes are expensive but their jewelry is surprisingly affordable. And you can always try Charming Charlie! They organize their store by color.

  2. CUTE!! Love all 3! How exciting :)

  3. so cute!!!! i want everything you bought:) mallory is the best to go shopping with!!!


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