dear children,
if you stop sitting on the edge of the couch backwards you won't fall and hit your head, every time. either learn from experience or please listen to me. I've watched you do this too many times.

dear body,
please stop wanting to eat chocolate bunnies. they are the death of me. just stop. thanks. 

dear motherly instinct/cat like reflexes,
thank you for saving your 4 year old from getting boiling water spilt on her head and in the process burning your own hand.  the pain of that was worth it.

dear husband,
thank you for bringing home diet dr.pepper after i sent you a threatening text telling you to bring me home some...or else. :)

dear readers,
you people are swell. the end.


  1. Chocolate bunnies are killing me too :( Ugh!

  2. I LOVE THIS! bahahaha. I am the only one who doesnt freak out when my kids are doing something that i know will get them hurt. I have really turned into the "They wont do it again if it hurts" mom. Its so much less stressful!
    And damn chocolate bunnies. This is worse than halloween!

  3. You saved your kid from having boiling water poured on her head?! HARD-CORE, Erica!!!

  4. OMG you crack me up!

  5. LOVE your blog :) It always brings a smile to ma face!

  6. I feelo yah on the choclate bunnies!


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