dear bed,
why must you be so comfy and cozy? please be less appealing during the day so i don't give in to naps and leave my children unsupervised. thanks

dear walmart shopping carts,
stop squeaking and shaking uncontrollably!! the end.

dear taste buds,
can we please be buddies again? stop with the nonsense of leaving a nasty taste in my mouth when the food i ate was delicious!

dear evelyn,
thank you for being a good helper this week. you still had your moments, but i'm glad you understand now that i am not allowed to pick you up and i can't bend like you right now. you are a sweet heart. :)

dear amelia,
please just stop being a terrible toddler. i know you are learning to deal with growing up right now, and still being so small, but please lets just move on to the next phase. still love you tons nugget. :)

dear binkies,

dear husband,
thank you for mowing the front lawn today. i will however miss seeing animals disappear in the forest grass. :)

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