time changes

april 2010

(poor phone quality, sorry)
april 2012

looking through pictures is a favorite things of mine.
time sure changes things.

the three of us sure have gone through lots of changes in the last couple of years. :)

with lots more changes to come to our family, and we are so excited! :)

i love change. change is never a bad thing to me, always good.


  1. Wow your eldest girl! Her hair has really changed color! That's wicked cool!

    Love this!

  2. oh wow. they sure grow up fast! Great pictures and pretty girls--- even for phone quality!

  3. Wow, she went from a toe-head to a brunette. That is crazy!

    Also, you've made some changes too! Your chin line is really defined now.

  4. I love it! They get so big so fast :-/

    BTW, you're on a blogging frenzy lately! Way to go :-)

  5. CRAZY! Evie's hair is so much darker! Mia has more hair and you look adorable as usual :)

    p.s. love the new header! CUTE cute CUTE!

  6. YOU look GREAT!! im so glad you handle change well...i dont at all...something i have to work at all the time!

  7. cheers to change! I can't believe how much little ones grow up in such a short period of time! xo


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