dreaming just a wee bit

How far along? 17 weeks
Maternity clothes? yeppers.
Sleep: sleeping pretty good, but already having to get up in the middle of the night to pee. ugh!
Best moment this week: can't really recall a super awesome moment.
Miss Anything? sleeping on my stomach
Movement: yes. this little one is always on the move
Food cravings: corn dogs, pizza(i had pizza 4 times this last week), salads
Anything making you queasy or sick: things have been getting a lot better in this area. still certain smells, sometimes
Have you started to show yet: yeah, BIG time!
Gender prediction: i seriously still have no idea. i'm usually wrong.
Labor Signs: yeah.flipping.right....next
Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: pretty happy. on occasion i lose my cool.
Looking forward to: 1 week people till we know what baby is!!! eeeek!!

i was at target today with amelia while evelyn was on her first class field trip and i was looking at all the adorable baby clothes.  i gravitated to the boys section right away.

you could say that i'm dreaming of a boy, just a wee bit. i know exactly what outfit i would go back and buy as a coming home from the hospital outfit! oh it was precious! of course i don't want to get my hopes up. i also picked out a girl coming home from the hospital outfit i would go back and buy too. :)

any predictions from the crowd??


  1. I'm always wrong too... so I have a prediction, but I won't say it so I won't jinx it! ;^)

  2. First of all Jen the "jinx" it comment is AWESOME!!! and second I hope its a boy!!!

  3. I am very good at predicting boy gender...its definitely a boy! : )

  4. I keep getting Boy. I have been wrong in the past. But never with you. :-)

  5. Ahh so excited for you to find out! I VOTE.....BOY!

  6. ah the peeing in middle of the night won't get better, trust me! and I totally hear you on certain smells, I only threw up in week 16 and it was always my dang sniffer!

    How fun you find out in one week!


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