a peek inside

i've heard you can tell a lot about a women by the contents of her purse. well what about a momma's purse. hmmmmmm....that's a whole different breed right there.

i bring this up because i cleaned my purse out in prep for my trip this weekend, and i just have some great stuff in there. :)

lets have a look, shall we.

::i promise everything you see was actually in my purse when i started cleaning it out::

one- standard keys
two-must have baggie of wipes
three-the best graham crackers, Kroger seriously try them
four-pile of bobby pins
five-glasses cleaning cloth
seven- loose change at the bottom of the bag.

eight-mints, best gum ever (strawberry mix orbit) and sonic mints
nine-random food reward cards and my baby doc appt card.
(thought i lost that.)
ten-this has been in my purse for two years
my little narwhal friend. not a toy for my children
eleven-golden spoon. haven't had that since may, i believe
twelve- chap sticks two are empty but are still purse worthy
thirteen- essie nail polish
fourteen- cute earring given to me.
fifteen- giant pair of scissors. you never know
sixteen- crumpled, faded old receipts
seventeen- yep we still sport the hair comb. :)
thanks for stopping by and enjoying an really random part of my life. my purse. im actually surprised i didn't pull out a stack of diapers. 
oh and when i dumped my purse on the table i got an added bonus, an ANT! hahaha i guess enjoying the crumbs on the bottom of my bag.
i figured out my costume thanks for the advice and input i got from friend and family.
 i'm working on it right now and can't wait to show you the final product. :)


  1. hahah! That is such a cute idea! So freakin excited to see your costume! I finished mine last night....lots of hot glue gunnin!

  2. Haha, this is hilarious. I also love that Orbit gum. Mmm!

  3. I can never bring myself to throw away empty chapstick tubes either. It's like, there's still some in there that I haven't been able to get out yet, you know?

  4. Dude, I think we are purse twins. I have the most random stuff as well :)


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