2 hours of quiet

yesterday was a BIG day for evelyn.

she started her first day of preschool and last first day of preschool. haha. it's pretty crazy to think that she will be in kindergarten next year. to that i say....AWESOME!! i can't wait.


before school shots. she was super excited!
 then amelia decided she needed to join in the picture taking fun.
poor girl thought she was going to get to go to school too. it was sad.  don't worry next year amelia.

after i dropped evelyn off i got home and amelia fell asleep with in minutes of getting home. 

2 whole hours of quiet time during the middle of the day! i had no idea what to do. that hasn't happened in years!!  i decided to enjoy that time just this once and do nothing. haha. it was nice.

Evelyn loves school and can't wait to go every week and neither can I! i'm terrible but i want more opportunities for silence. hahaha.

i'm gonna have to start being the cool mom now though and have great after school snacks! pinterest here i come for ideas!  any one have a really great idea for after school snack please share!!


  1. Holy Cuteness!!! Her outfit is adorable! I am going to cry my eyes out when Rig goes to school haha !

    my fav after school snack was a cinnamon crisp. just a tortilla with butter and cinnamon then put it in the microwave for 30 secs. so good and easy!

    1. it was circle day so I tried to coordinate. tomorrow is square day. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do for that. I'm gonna try and be THAT mom. haha.

  2. Emry just started Kindergarten!

    Very cool!!!!

  3. Children in France eat radishes with butter and sea salt after school. It's so chic. Would your kids be interested in that?


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