fun phone surprises

evelyn likes to play games on my phone.

i trust her with it so i usually let her play with it unsupervised while i'm cleaning or something else around the house.

i love getting my phone back and see all the fun things she's done with it.

there are like 50 recordings of her singing her made up songs, they are the sweetest little things and she is so proud of them. makes me smile.

this time around she made some videos and took a few pics.

they just crack me up! i'll share a few with you. :)

throwing toys at your sister, that's what i call love. :)
evelyn's laugh kills me! love it!
love listening to them while the screen is black.
what did evelyn do to make amelia be like that on the couch.
love my girls.  they are so entertaining (at least to me)


  1. so funny.... i love my cutie-patooty nieces!!

  2. How cute! and what a smart little girl, already knows how to use a phone better than I do!


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