eleven things

i think i supposed to start with some facts(or random things) about myself.
11 to be exact. :) i think this is how it goes....?

Edit:: i found the rules. woot!::

Write 11 random things.
Answer my 11 questions.
Write 11 new questions.
Tag someone else.

11 random facts/nonsense

1. i do not like sauce. plain sandwiches, burgers, salads for me.
2. i pretend like i know what i'm talking about, when i really have no clue...ever
3. i call my husband dude all the time.
4. i really want to plant a huge garden in my front yard, but i know it would all end up dying, $$ down the drain.
5. i don't like people touching my feet, or hands, or face, or...okay i just have personal space issues.
6. i have the story sleeping beauty memorized. requested ever night.
7. i love to dance and find any reason to at any moment.
8. i crack my neck, back, fingers, all the time. it is awful and very loud.
9. i am addicted to me phone. i did not want that to happen. ugh.
10. i really want to have friends come party at my crib, but i'm too lame. so i guess i wish i was cool and had more friends.
11. i've laughed so hard that i've peed my pants, on numerous occasions.

Questions from the always lovely Autumn.

1. If you could live anywhere...where would it be and why?
i really want to live in California, preferably San Diego. WHY NOT?! if would feel like a vacation every day, or i want to think it would be.  we love cali and go as often as we can now. the beach, the weather, amusement parks, just all around good there.

2. What are the five things you would grab if your house was on fire?
first my kids. my kids special blankets they are attached too. my phone. our back up cd's with pictures and info etc. & my purse. 
my husband can clearly fend for himself so i wouldn't get him.

3. What was the most peaceful day of your life? this is a toughie....well maybe not.  the first time i went to the Temple before i got married.  a very wonderful, peaceful experience.

4. What is your routine before you go to bed? hmmmm, like right before or a few hours.  i'm usually online, blogging, facebooking, then i drink water, brush teeth, wash face, then i'm out, after playing an hour of phone games while laying in bed.

5. What would be your perfect day weather-wise? right now weather actually. a nice 75-80, slightly breezy, perfect for shorts and flip flops. i love Arizona.  

6. If you could choose what your mark on the world would be, what would it be? like i'm dead and people are talking about me? i would just hope that any mark i left on anyone would be a good one. i want to be the one remembered for always smiling, having fun, laughing, making jokes, & enjoying life.    

7. What is something that you weren't expecting in your life that was an undisguised blessing? well probably the miscarriages that i've had.  they were sad and very disappointing, but they have really helped me appreciate and adore my two little ones that i have here with me now. life's too short to dwell on the past and the negative, always look for the good.

8. Who was your favorite roommate and why? i lived in a dorm with 3 room mates, but our room was connected to 3 other rooms. so i technically had 15 roommates at one time. 
it was crazy, drama, drama, drama, all around. hahaha. there were the "models", the "geeky", the "sporty" so many different personalities, i enjoyed each one of them, like for reals.
except one, that is a whole other thing. lets just say, even though are lasts names were similar, (they probably thought we were related and put us together) we were not, total opposites. it was awful, but i still had a great time with the other girls, and i made a lot of great friends.   

9. What do you find yourself doing when you don't have plans? sitting, and just looking around. i'll just stare at nothing for an extended period time sometimes. i just go blank, which i guess is me recharging for the day? yeah, i'll spin that around and make myself not look like a mental patient.

10. Would you rather sleep-in or wake up early? SLEEP IN.  i would love a weekend when i could sleep in, and not because i'm sick, or something, because my kids have slept in. oh that would be wonderful!!  that would be a new peaceful day in my life. :)

11. If you were only allowed to wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be? hmmmm....well i wear a lot of black right now, so maybe black. no maybe blue, like a navy blue. yeah navy blue, so i would feel i have some sort of color in my life.

Questions for you!
(make your own for anyone that you tag, have fun!)

1.  What is your favorite movie? what is your favorite line/quote from that movie?
2.  If you were the president what would one of your first official acts be?
3.  What is one thing you could not live without?
4.  If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
5.  If you could meet any celebrity who would it be? why?
6.  Is there a moment in your life that changed you forever?
7.  What would be your idea for a perfect date?
8.  What is your favorite color?
9.  If you could have any job/career in the world what would it be?
10.  What is your favorite instrument to play and why? if you don't what is one you would like too?
11.  Would you rather have really bad smelling breath or really stinky feet?     
i tag:
Kateri, Mallory, Amy, Darci,


  1. Hey thanks! I like these games... Not sure my questions will be as much fun as yours, nor my random facts... well, maybe. Haha! Thanks! We need to have a play day again soon, btw, and I'll buy lunch this time :-)

  2. yes! i was planning on last week and then week too but my kids both got sick and it's stickin around longer than i would like.
    hopefully they will recover and we can have a play day very soon.

  3. You don't even like fry sauce? Noooo! Ha ha.
    Loved getting to know you a bit more! So happy I found your blog!


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